Insight Summit Series
  1. 7:30 to 9:00
    Alumni Memorial Union
  2. 8:00 to 8:10
    Weasler Auditorium
    • Opening Remarks

    • Dr. Lori Bergen – Dean from Diederich College of Communication
    • Join us for opening remarks in the Weasler Auditorium before we kick-off the day of PR + Social Media Summit.We encourage all attendees to live tweet the event using the #prsms hashtag. We’re excited to have you here and even more excited for you to share what you learn today!
  3. 8:10 to 9:00
    Weasler Auditorium
    • Opening Keynote: The changing social media landscape, from reddit to beyond

    • Victoria Taylor – Director of Communications from reddit
    • Reddit began in 2006 as a simple structure that allows users to create communities around any topic that interests them and since then has expanded to include more than 5 billion pageviews a month and more than 114 million unique visitors across 300,000 subreddits with more than 500 new subreddits created every day. From reddit live to the unique interview formats known as AMAs (short for Ask Me Anything), reddit’s Director of Communications Victoria Taylor will speak to her experiences since attending Marquette and helping see much of the diverse change in today’s social media and communications landscape.
  4. 9:10 to 10:00
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    • What is next in social media and trends we are seeing

    • Caity Strong – Senior Strategist & Advertising from Sosh
    • While the future of social media may be difficult to predict, the fact that it is not only here to stay but will become increasingly more important is irrefutable. The social landscape has changed so drastically in the last five years it is hard to determine what the next five years will look like. What are the trends you need to be prepared for in the next 6 months, 18 months or 5 years? What platforms are important to invest time & money in? What does consumerism look like as the generation raised on social media become adults? Tough, but necessary questions that every brand should be asking if they want to be a player as we look at a generation of people who might never see a television commercial.
  5. 9:10 to 10:00
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    • Finding and Leveraging Brand Voice

    • Abi Gilman – Senior Social Strategist from Bon-Ton
    • Often, as consumers, we take for granted brands that get tone right. We see a witty Facebook post with a puppy or a baby that makes us LOL, we click like, and we move on. Or we spy a pretty little pair of shoes in our Instagram feed with a catchy description that makes us ooh, ahh and think about what #OOTD we have in our closet they might work with. But how often do you click through, much less purchase the product? That last step, the conversion element, is killer. Abi will talk about leveraging brand voice and tone to inspire and ultimately convert consumers.
  6. 10:10 to 11:00
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    • Move Fast and Be Open: Representing Facebook Through Public Relations

    • Genevieve Grdina – Associate Manager, Corporate Communication from Facebook
    • “Move Fast and Be Open.” “Be Bold.” “Nothing is Someone Else’s Problem.” The mottos plastered on posters in every Facebook office could very well be manifestos for PR professionals. Learn how the Communications team at the world’s largest social network supports a quickly growing company and a product accessed by nearly a billion people every day.
  7. 10:10 to 11:00
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    • How to Leverage LinkedIn to Raise Brand Awareness

    • Yumi Wilson – Director of Corporate Communication from LinkedIn
    • During the session, you’ll learn how to promote your brand by optimizing the LinkedIn Profile, Company Pages and Groups. You’ll also learn how to use LinkedIn’s new Publishing Platform and how to conduct advanced searches that will promote your company’s message and visibility.
  8. 11:10 to Noon
    Weasler Auditorium
    • Pre-lunch Keynote: Stop Social Media Marketing (Unless…)

    • Augie Ray – Director of Global Voice of Customer Strategy from a Fortune 100 financial services firm
    • With the organic reach of earned media tumbling, it is time for marketers to reconsider if the social channel furnishes the opportunities they anticipated and is delivering the results they need. Social media is continuing to change the world and offers opportunities to organizations, but does it fit Marketing’s objectives? This presentation will take a hard look at Social Media Marketing’s future.
  9. Noon to 1:00
    AMU Ballroom E
    • Lunch

    • Lunch is served! Refuel from the morning sessions. All attendees will receive a complimentary lunch. Don’t worry, we have options for meat-lovers and vegans! If you prefer to stretch your legs, there are many restaurants and chains on campus.And don’t forget to network. Say hi to someone you don’t know. Better yet, invite them to lunch.
  10. 1:00 to 1:50
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    • Hacking Public Relations

    • Phil Gomes – EVP of Edelman Digital from Edelman
    • What do open-source and hacker communities have to teach us about communications? If PR is going to be able to handle a world of increasing complexity and demands for transparency, it helps to learn from communities that seem to have developed ways to address these issues. This talk ties together events and concepts as disparate as PR, Wikipedia, Linux, the Edelman Trust Barometer, and even the hacker code of ethics.
  11. 1:00 to 1:50
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    • Making Social Media More SOCIAL

    • Adam Snyder – Director of Digital and Social Strategy from Burson-Marsteller
    • Adam will discuss why marketing and communications teams need to work together to make social media a success within an organization and what they need to watch out for. Told through the eyes of a marketing strategist who recently joined a PR firm, the session will focus on the need for an integrated strategy, and discuss why both teams need a seat at the table.
  12. 2:00 to 2:50
    AMU Ballroom A/B
    • Non-profit social media and Public Relations

    • Elle Krause-Lyons – Communication Manager from Twin Cities Public TelevisionLeif Brostrom – Social Media and Web Specialist from Twin Cities Public Television
    • From their experience working at a public television in Minneapolis, Elle and Leif will share general thoughts and case studies about making grassroots social media and PR work for a not-for-profit company, and how to learn from other for-profit competitors. They will discuss how to develop a STRATEGIC social media plan and team from the ground up.
  13. 2:00 to 2:50
    AMU Ballroom C/D
    • Go #Brewers: Using Social Media to Engage Fans & Build the Brand

    • Caitlin Moyer – Director of New Media from Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club
    • Join Milwaukee Brewers Director of New Media Caitlin Moyer for an overview of the Club’s social media presence & philosophy, packed with examples and case studies of how the team is using new media to engage the fan base and build the brand. Caitlin will talk about the Brewers strategies for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest, Google +, and Tumblr, as well as the popular front office blog, John and Cait…Plus 9 and the Club’s mobile apps. Plus, don’t miss the discussion about Hank, America’s favorite #BallparkPup!
  14. 3:00 to 4:30
    AMU Ballroom A/B, C/D
    • Unconference/Open Space

    • James Carlson from Bucketworks will moderate the Unconference
    • The planned part of the PR + Social Media Summit is over; the rest of the day is up to you!You’ve heard from the summit speakers. You’ve tweeted, instagrammed or Facebooked. Now it’s time to stretch your legs and stimulate your brain by diving into our first-ever Unconference session.

      According to Wikipedia, “Typically at an unconference, the agenda is created by the attendees at the beginning of the meeting. Anyone who wants to initiate a discussion on a topic can claim a time and a space. Unconferences typically feature open discussions rather than having a single speaker at the front of the room giving a talk, although any format is permitted. This form of conference is particularly useful when the attendees generally have a high level of expertise or knowledge in the field the conference convenes to discuss.”

      We hope you’ll enjoy this new format and that you’re ready for these interactive and engaging conversations.

  15. 4:30 to 5:30
    AMU Ballroom E
    • Social/Networking

    • The day doesn’t have to end yet. We invite you to join us at for networking, drinks, and food. Continue your ideas and conversations from the Unconference session. Share what you have learned with others and mingle with our speakers and partners. We hope to see you there!