Insight Summit Series
  • Cigelske
    • Tim Cigelske – Social Media Director

    • from Marquette University
    • Tim Cigelske is Social Media Director at Marquette University, which has been ranked by as one of the 10 most influential higher education Twitter accounts. He teaches Social Media Analytics and Measurement in the Diederich College of Communication, and his class has used social media crowdfunding to help raise more than $23,000 for research, scholarship, service and innovation. You can read the first chapter of his social media analytics book, “Analytics to Action,” by requesting it here.

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  • TBranigan
    • Tom Branigan – President & CEO

    • from Branigan Communications
    • Tom’s career began with a post-graduation road trip from his home in Oshkosh, Wisconsin to Seattle. It was there that he joined Airborne Express, a Fortune 500 company. At Airborne, Tom managed global public relations and became a corporate communications devotee. In 2000, he and his family relocated back to the Midwest to lead the corporate public relations practice at Cramer-Krasselt, one of the top independent advertising agencies in the nation.

      He and his wife then founded Branigan Communications in 2004, specializing in brand strategy and research, social media strategy, crisis communications and reputation management, to name a few.

      Tom has been a part-time faculty member at Marquette University’s College of Communications faculty for nine years, teaching Crisis communications and Public Relations Principles courses.

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  • YWilson
    • Yumi Wilson – Corporate Communication Manager

    • from LinkedIn
    • Yumi Wilson is a corporate communications manager at LinkedIn and a tenured professor of Journalism at SF State University. As a trainer and evangelist for LinkedIn, Yumi trains corporate communicators and journalists how to use LinkedIn more effectively to promote their companies and brands. She previously ran the LinkedIn for Journalists group, which grew from 16,000 to 65,000+ members during her tenure. She also travels around the world, training communications specialists how to get the most from LinkedIn. She launched the LinkedIn for Corporate Communications group, whose members now include communicators from Pinterest, Yammer, Facebook, the Bank of the West, HP and many other Fortune 500 companies. A former Fulbright Scholar, AP newswoman and SF Chronicle reporter, Yumi was recently named one of the 12 Smartest Women of Color on Twitter.

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