About Insight Summit Series

The Insight Summit Series is a continuing program of annual conferences and quarterly workshops geared specifically for marketing & communications practitioners, agency professionals, business owners, educators & students.

The Marquette University Diederich College of Communication and our partner, Laughlin Constable, have proudly presented our PR + Social Media and Digital Summits over the past several years. Part of the Insight Summit Series, these all-day symposia have brought together professionals and scholars in from all corners of strategic communication to share best practices, cutting edge technology, fascinating case studies, and insightful findings across industries.

We are pleased to announce some exciting changes in the Insight Summit Series. After reviewing feedback from previous programs, we have decided to merge the PR + Social Media Summit and the Digital Summit into a single event, which will be held in the spring semester of each year. The rechristened Digital Summit will be held on Thursday, March 30, 2017 at the Alumni Memorial Union at Marquette University.

Based in part on your feedback, we recognize that many of the topics we address under the banner of public relations and social media are very closely intertwined with digital. As marketers continue to blend these areas of expertise and implementation, we strongly believe it makes sense to integrate these two closely related summits into a single event. By doing so, it allows a more diverse group to come together to discuss topics of importance and interest to all of us who focus on strategic communications. On a more practical level, a single, more inclusive event makes attending more affordable in terms of not just expense, but time as well.

As we realign the Insight Summit Series calendar, the Corporate Communication Summit will shift to the fall semester, reconvening in October 2017.

We are also pleased to announce that we will be expanding the schedule and topics of our popular series of workshops. Many of you have participated in these mini-classes, covering topics that include social media and website analytics, platform best practices and tutorials, a variety of top-line instruction on various applications, and much more.

Thank you for your feedback over the years. We’re always listening and working hard to make the Insight Summit Series the most valuable experience it can be.

Select one of the summit events or the workshop links below for information.

Digital Summit

Held each year in the spring, the Digital Summit is a forum for the latest innovations in digital strategic communication and marketing. From SEO to mobile, UX, eCommerce, content strategy, customer engagement, media relations. and more. The Digital Summit provides a wide spectrum of current topics relevant in the digital age. Professionals in advertising, pubic relations, and marketing, from the multi-national to the community level, will come away with inspired approaches to new strategies and best practices.

Thursday, February 25, 2016 Tell me more >

PR + Social Media

An expanded calendar of practical and accessible workshops are offered throughout the year. These mini-classes, covering topics that include social media and website analytics, platform best practices and tutorials, a variety of top-line instruction on various applications, and much more are held on campus in informal classroom settings that encourage participation.

Corporate Communication

Corporate Communication

Held each year in late winter, the Corporate Communication Summit focuses on the role of the chief communication officer as well as how the function of corporate communications plays a key role in establishing corporate culture and cross-discipline collaboration.

Fall of 2017 Tell me more >